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Common Causes Of Commercial Roofing Issues

Installing a commercial roof is a big investment for any local business. Considering it’s a job well done, you’d assume that your business will be sorted for a long time to come. The harsh reality though is that commercial roofs are susceptible to damage in various forms. Failing their repair, could lead to further destruction and perhaps even an entirely new installation.

Is your commercial building suffering from damage or defects? Whalen Exteriors provides a reliable, high-quality, and affordable commercial roof repair service in New Kensington, PA, and surrounding areas. Call us today and speak with any one of our expert roofing contractors for more information about the commercial roofing services that we offer.

Here Are Some Of The Common Causes Of Commercial Roofing Issues:


Many people assume that due to the durability of most commercial roofing systems these roofs don’t need to be regularly maintained. This is where many commercial building owners make their mistakes. Every roof needs to be maintained, no matter how tough and durable it may seem. Regular inspections allow you to tend to problem areas early before they develop into more serious issues.


A poorly installed commercial roof will likely be riddled with all kinds of issues, such as leaking, holes, cracking, etc, as soon as it is installed. While some commercial roofing materials may look like they’re easy to install, many of them still require a roofing contractor with years of experience and knowledge in order for the project to be executed accurately. A poorly installed roof can lead to many issues which in the end may weaken the roof, thus lowering its life expectancy. When installing your commercial roof be sure to make use of a professional and expert roofing contractor, like Whalen Exteriors.


Debris build-up occurs when the wind blows things like leaves, pine cones and needles, and all kinds of junk onto your roof. A build of debris can also be the result of weeds growing on the roof and in your gutters. This build leads to the blocking of gutters and other drainage systems. Debris also holds water on your roof for long periods of time which may lead to the weakening of your structure.


Standing water on your roof is a result of poor drainage systems, poor roof design, or installation. Standing water leads to the weakening of your commercial roof and may cause leaking on the inside of your building. This water can also encourage the growth of algae and mold on your roof which can further weaken the structure.

Professional Commercial Roofing Services

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