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Does Your Home’s Siding Show These Signs Of Wear?

You may not think to look at your siding every once in a while to check for signs of wear and tear, but it is necessary to keep your home protected from the elements. If your home is not keeping the elements out, then you and your family will not be as comfortable inside as you should be.

Here Are 5 Signs Of Wear That Your Siding May Be Showing:

Crumbling or Rotting: If your siding has begun to rot or crumble, it will not keep the elements out. If the section that is rotting or crumbling is small, you may be able to have the damage fixed. However, if it is a larger space, then your siding will need to be replaced.

Gaps and Cracks: Any gaps and cracks in your siding are going to compromise your structure. These areas will not only let water inside, they will let insects and other critters in too.

Higher Energy Bills: Higher energy bills will not show up as wear and tear in your siding, but you will notice them as you need to pay more and more to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. If this is happening and you feel drafts near your walls, we recommend having your siding replaced. You may not have enough insulation between your home and siding, so replacing everything will lower your energy bills and make you more comfortable inside.

Hidden Hazards: As you are looking at your siding, you will want to keep an eye out for any bulging or warped panels. These two things mean that there can be significant damage underneath including rotting or actual holes.

Mold and Other Signs of Moisture: Sometimes the damage is seen inside the home before it is noticed on the outside. If you happen to spot mold on your inside walls, you will want to go out and inspect that same section of your siding.

If you notice any of these problems with your siding, give us a call and we’ll help troubleshoot what is causing the issue. The solution may be an easy fix, or it could require replacing your siding. While you may not want to replace your siding, it will be a good thing if it lowers your energy bills and makes your home look nicer. Plus, new siding will increase the value of your home, which is always a welcomed investment.

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