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Best Hiking And Running Trails Near New Kensington, PA

For those of you who absolutely love the outdoors and breathing in that fresh air that only nature can provide, well then you’re in for a treat because New Kensington has some of the best hiking and running trails this side of Pennsylvania.

Get lost with us in the wonders of nature in New Kensington, PA:

Allegheny River Trail

The Allegheny River trail, as the name explains, follows all along the Allegheny River. The perfect route for those seeking to escape the urban jungle, the Allegheny River Trail allows visitors to come face to face with nature, and if you’re lucky even some exciting wildlife. The trail is about 30 miles long, creating the perfect environment for stimulating exercise.

Armstrong Trail

The beautiful Armstrong Trail runs all along the east bank of the Allegheny River. The trail stretches for about 35 miles and passes along some historic sites that have long been forgotten. During the Fall the Armstrong Trail is a rich golden brown, creating the perfect scenery for the perfect run.

Arboretum Trail

The Arboretum Trail is a little less than a mile, for those of you who are giving this fitness thing a go for the first time. One of the loveliest trails in New Kensington, the Arboretum Trail is a beautifully landscaped trail that runs throughout downtown Oakmont.

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